Kohler Diesel Water-Cooled

  • Origin: EU Community
  • Integrated fuel-injection system and overhead cam help ensure less maintenance and fewer trips to the shop
  • High durability
  • Low vibration and noise level
  • Description

– High oil pressure, Cast-iron block construction ensures durability and lasting performance, High pressure and full flow of coolant helps to febrifugal all of engine parts, are the main features to prove Kohler Engine can perform well and high efficiently in the most severe working conditions.

– Diversity applications; Fire-Fighting Sprinkler, Generator, Construction, Agriculture Applications

1KDW 140422 kW @3000 rpmDetail
2KDW 160330 kW @3000 rpmDetail
3KDW 220438 kW @3000 rpmDetail
4KDW 2204T48 kW @3000 rpmDetail