Kohler Diesel Air-Cooled

  • Origin: EU Community
  • Well-performed under the severe weather condition
  • High-efficient power, easy starting, saving fuel consumption
  • Equipped with a larger air filtration cartridge with increased capacity
  • Low noise level
  • Description

– Exeptional design with large air filtration catridge, it will boost the Engine to efficient performance, but lower the maintenance cost

– Diversity applications: Fire-Fighting Sprinkler, Generator, Construction, Agriculture Applications

1KD 3504.5kW @3000 rpmDetail
2KD 4407.2 kW @3000 rpmDetail
3KD 425-211.5 kW @3000 rpmDetail
4KD 477-214.9 kW @3000 rpmDetail
5KD 625-218.8 kW @3000 rpmDetail