FPT Diesel N45

  • Compact and cost-effective
  • Short load response time
  • Top power with minimum fuel consumption
  • Up to 800 hours service intervals
  • Description

Developed to satisfy the most demanding Customer requirements, the NEF Series is the evidence of FPT Industrial technological excellence.

Available in 4 cylinders versions, NEF engines offer high, constant power and torque delivery with top-class levels of reliability and efficiency.

The NEF Series is offered with mechanical injection and the rotary pump guarantees accurate fuel delivery and best trade-off between performance and easy and fast service/maintenance operation.

NEF engines are available in naturally aspirated, turbocharged and turbocharged with aftercooler versions, that allow final users to optimize both engine installation and final Genset performance.

​Options include hot part guards, water jacket heater, alarm senders, oil drain systems, front radiator guard.​ Thanks to their extraordinary design flexibility, all NEF engines are adaptable to market request.

ModelPrime Power
Stand By Power
Fuel comsumption
(1500 rpm)
80% load
l/h (g/kWh)
100% load
l/h (g/kWh)

N45AM1A (228.6)11.3 (223)Detail


53.359.010.2 (210.2)13.7 (210.8)Detail

N45SM2A (212.1)17.1 (214.2)Detail
N45TM1A77.085.014.4 (204.0)19.3 (204.8)Detail
N45TM2A87.096.016.2 (203.5)22 (207.7)Detail