FPT Diesel N67

  • Compact and cost-effective
  • Shortest load response time
  • Top power with minimum fuel consumption
  • Up to 800 hours service intervals
  • Description

Developed to satisfy the most demanding Customer requirements, the NEF Series is the evidence of FPT Industrial technological excellence.

Available in 6 cylinders versions, NEF engines offer high power and load acceptance delivery with top-class levels of reliability and efficiency.

The NEF Series is offered either with mechanical or ​ Common Rail injection.

  • In mechanical versions, rotary pump guarantees accurate fuel delivery and best trade-off between performance and easy and fast service/maintenance operation.
  • In electronic versions, Common Rail injection (up to 1,600 bar) allows the achievement of top performance with minimum fuel consumption.

NEF engines are available in naturally aspirated, turbocharged and turbocharged with aftercooler versions, that allow final users to optimize both engine installation and final Genset performance.

Options include hot part guards, water jacket heater, alarm senders, oil drain systems, front radiator guard. Thanks to their extraordinary design flexibility, all NEF engines are adaptable to market request.​

Model Prime Power
Stand By Power
Fuel comsumption
(1500 rpm)
80% load
l/h (g/kWh)
100% load
l/h (g/kWh)


110 121 23.2 (214) 28.8 (212.5) Detail


175 193 35.3 (207) 44 (205.5) Detail


114 126 24.1 (228) 29.3 (208.1) Detail


138 152 29 (213.8) 36 (212.7) Detail