• Powerful and compact
  • Excellent transient response and designed for heavy duty conditions and harsh environment
  • 600-hours maintenance intervals and exceptional low fuel consumption
  • Switchable 50/60hz (1,500/1,800 rpm) power supply
  • Description

– The Cursor Series are designed for prime and stand-by applications up to 582 kW, and offers top power, fast load response and best-in-class in total cost of ownership with high power density.
– High efficiency, proven reliability, long maintenance intervals and premium performance make the Cursor Series state-of-the-art of engines for Power Generation.

– All engines in the range are coupled with the fuel system most suitable to their missions:
• Cursor 9 offers a very compact second-generation Common Rail system,
• Cursor 10 mounts electronic controlled unit injectors,
• Cursor 13 adopts either electronic controlled unit injectors or a heavy-duty Common Rail system.

– The Cursor Series is complianto to the most demanding emission standards in order to meet all customer needs and applications.
– The option list includes hot part guards, water jacket heater, alarm senders, oil drain systems and front radiator guard. A wide range of engine features can be customized upon request.


Model Prime Power
Stand By Power
Fuel comsumption
(1500 rpm)
80% load
l/h (g/kWh)
100% load
l/h (g/kWh)


232 256 47.6 (209.3) 58.5 (205.4) Detail


263 290 53.7 (198) 62.8 (192) Detail


300 330 57.3 (191.8) 70 (187.5) Detail


350 387 70.4 (199.7) 85.8 (197) Detail