Yeishien – Tractor Oil Seal


  • High quality oil seal/O-ring for Kubota tractor (KVC version)
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Description

Yei Shien, the Taiwanese top brand of manufacturing the Oil Seal

-Yei Oil Seal (34070-12220) used in Kubota tractors L3408, L4508


Yei Oil Seal (16433-04460) used in Kubota tractor, as: L3408, L4508, M6040 and Kubota Combine Harvester, as: DC60, DC70



Name and Product code Machine type
Yei Oil Seal (35340-25360) L4508
Yei Oil Seal ( 34070-12220) L3408, L4508
Yei Oil Seal ( 16433-04460) L3408, L4508 M6040, DC60
Yei Oil Seal ( TC230- 13040) L4508, M5000 M6040
Yei Oil Seal ( 34070-13370) L3408, L3108 M5000, L4508
Yei Oil Seal ( 31339- 44510) L3408, L3108
Yei Oil Seal ( TD250-27560) L4508, GL29 L4200, SS43